Select two methodological approaches from the five introduced this week:Ethnography.Case study.Phenomenology.Grounded theory.Generic qualitative inquiry.Demonstrate your understanding of these methodological approach by describing each, comparing and contrasting key features,and explaining when it would be appropriate to use each methodological approach.1. Use your Qualitative Research & Evaluation Methods text to read the following:Chapter 3, “Variety of Qualitative Inquiry Frameworks: Paradigmatic, Philosophical, and Theoretical Orientations,” pages 85–168.Support your choice and rationale with references from the assigned readings.2. Use your Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design text to read the following:Chapter 1, “Introduction,” pages 7–14.Focus on the subsection “Selection of the Five Approaches.”Chapter 4, “Five Qualitative Approaches to Inquiry,” pages 76–102.Focus on the following subsections:”Phenomenological Research.””Grounded Theory Research.””Ethnographic Research.””Case Study Research.””Generic Qualitative Inquiry.”3. Percy, W. H., Kostere, K., & Kostere, S. (2015). Generic qualitative research in psychology. The Qualitative Report, 20(2), 76–85.This article summarizes the goals of the generic qualitative approach and how it differs from phenomenology. It provides details regarding generic qualitative design data collection and analysis.Tellis, W. M. (1997). Introduction to case study [PDF]. The Qualitative Report, 3(2).Note: You will identify a data analysis strategy and process for each of these two methodological approaches in the Week 8 assignment.

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