Part 1 Literature Review / Part 2 Propose the Method for your original research

Research QuestionHow does childhood homelessness impact their mental health and effect their academic progress.Part 1 This is due Feb 4th. it’s worth 50 pointsFor this assignment you will write the Literature Review for your Research Proposal. This section is a review of pertinent literature related to your topic. By reviewing the literature in your chosen topic, you should demonstrate the gap, or what literature has not addressed, or perhaps addressed inadequately. This literature review demonstrates a need for your proposed research study.Please use the following outline of the Literature Review: LiteratureReviewOutline.docxPlease review the Exemplary Student Proposal found here: ExemplaryStudentResearchProposal.docThe Literature Review should be 6-10 pages in length. For this section you will add on at least 5 more references to your Week 2 Reference List to make a total of at least 10 references. Remember that each reference you list in the Reference List must have at least one in-text citation in the body of the paper, and each in-text citation needs to have a corresponding reference in the Reference List. After you have at least 10 scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles, you may include books or chapters from books. The majority of your sources, however, must be peer-reviewed articles from professional journals.As with the other sections of the Research Proposal, the Review of Literature will be submitted through Turnitin with the expectation that your Similarity Score will be no higher than 10-15%.Your paper will be evaluated on the following criteria:Student’s literature review supported the rationale for the proposed study by clearly reinforcing the identified gap in the literature. Literature review situated the proposed study in recent, peer reviewed literature from the counseling discipline and other related disciplines as appropriate. Literature review logically aligned with proposed methodology. Literature review was structured in a way that group related topics, themes, or studies together in a logical fashion.30 points. Writing is satisfactory for graduate-level writing expectations; the paper: uses clear and appropriate language; has no errors in spelling, grammar, and syntax; has good organization; follows APA documentation protocol.10 points. The project cites a variety of peer-reviewed sources to back up all claims of fact. The student draws conclusions from a variety of sources and theoretical traditions to demonstrate scholarly insight on the content area10 points.Part 2Its the same research topic. in the end I have to put it all together. Sample is attached.In this section you will propose the Method for your original research designed to address your research question. This is the “recipe” section of your proposal in which you will describe the proposed details for your research plan. Be sure you include enough details so that someone could follow what you have written and replicate your research. You will NOT be implementing your research at this time. In fact, any research that is completed by a student or professor at Webster University must go through the Internal Review Board before permission is granted to proceed. Your Method section will be written in future tense and must not in any way imply you have actually conducted any part of the research.The Method should be 4-5 pages in length.Please view the outline for the Method here: MethodRevOutline.docxPlease reread the Method section of the following Exemplary Student Paper: ExemplaryStudentResearchProposal.docThe following sections should be included in the Method: Short Introduction, Research Question and Hypothesis, Participants, Procedures, Instrumentation, Variables, Proposed Data Analysis, and Limitations. (If you used a Qualitative or Mixed Methods design, please be sure to check with your instructor for any modifications to the above sections.)Your Method may use sources that are included on the Reference List you have created for the Introduction and Literature Review. If you add new in-text citations, however, please be sure to include the corresponding references in the final Reference List at the end of your paper.As with the other sections of the Research Proposal, the Method section will be submitted through Turnitin with the expectation that your Similarity Score will be no higher than 10-15%.

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