Module Seven Journal Activity Guidelines and Rubric

OverviewThe following case study supports your work on this journal activity:Reading: Module Seven Journal Activity Case StudyPromptFor this journal activity, you will first reflect on your leadership style. Then, imagining that you are the successor to “Mr. Devin,” you will reflect on your leadership style and values in relation to the issues presented in the case study. Respond to each of the following rubric criteria in 3 to 5 sentences:Describe three values that reflect your leadership style and explain why. Values may include:Personal values: consciousness of self, congruence, commitmentGroup values: collaboration, common purpose, controversy with civilitySocietal values: citizenshipCultural competenceEmotional intelligencePositive change orientationDescribe how you would apply the values of your leadership style to resolve the issues presented in this case study.Describe the impact of psychology on decision making and leadership in this workplace scenario.All sources and ideas requiring attribution must be cited according to APA style.Guidelines for SubmissionSubmit your completed Module Seven journal activity as a Word document. Sources should be cited according to APA style.

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