Let’s Focus on Diversity in Educational Psychology!

A) Start by Reading the Atlantic Article:Even Black Preschool Teachers Are Biased (Link HERE) (https://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2016/09/the-high-standard-set-by-black-teachers-for-black-students/501989/)B) Address the following questions in your response:a) In your own words, what is implicit bias?  How can implicit bias be driving differences in teacher expectations?b) Overview the design of one of the studies (make sure to mention the IV and the DV)?  Where was deception in the study and why was it necessary?c) In your own words, what were the results of the study you overviewed?d) What can we do with the results of research in this area?e) Discuss your reactions, use of research on this area of educational psychology and/or thoughts on the research topic.250 Words in APA Format

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