Introductory Reflection Paper

**YOU CAN BASE THIS PAPER OF YOURSELF**Or, if you want to pull information from me just let me know.Students will complete a 5-7 page paper reflecting on their development as a helper. The purpose of this paper is to encourage students to reflect on what influences they currently have or have had in their life that impact their understanding of helping. Fundamental in this course is a deep reflection on interpersonal helping in the role as counselor. Understanding previous conceptions and experiences of helping will assist students in learning more about themselves as they enter this new role (e.g., blindspots, strengths, areas for growth, cultural influences). Please respond to the follow questions in the paper:· Within your family of origin, what was taught or displayed about what it means to help others? What were examples of these lessons?· What other lessons from your past impact how you understand helping? E.g., other significant professional or personal experiences.· From these lessons, what do you think will help you in your role as a counselor? Why?· What lessons might need more personal exploration, so it does not negatively impact your work as a counselor?· Lastly, what do you think will help you be open to explore new and different ways of helping? What might help you be open to feedback from others about your helping style?The paper must be typed, double-spaced, 12 point New Times Roman font, and 5-7 pages of content in length. APA (6th edition) guidelines must be followed, but please write paper in 1st person.

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