Here are the instructions that you were given during Week 1 for the Final Project. Before submitting your Final Project at the end of Week 11, review the instructions to make sure you have included all the required elements in the assignment you submit:Select one of the following cases. Then, select a specific subject for the focus of your paper that can be discussed in a 10- to 12-page research paper. Imagine that you are assisting an attorney in the case who has requested that you research the specific focus area, and provide a concise report to inform the court about the topic.Required cases and possible focus subjects:Jodi Arias, convicted of killing her boyfriend·  Battered woman’s syndromeFinal Project Requirements·  Submit all the required weekly Assignments throughout the course that are related to your Final Project. Completion of each project Assignment component contributes toward a successful final project grade.·  Base your paper on the research you gather and not on your opinion. You may use both popular and scholarly references. (Resources explaining proper use of scholarly and non-scholarly resources are available in the Learning Resources section.)·  Use APA format, in text and in the reference list.·  Ensure that you have minimal writing errors.·  Final paper length: 11 pages total, not including the title page, abstract, and bibliography.·  Final paper structure:o  Brief biographical summary (2–3 paragraphs)o  Introduction to the issue to be discussedo  Summary of the current scholarly research about the issueo  Conclusion (1–3 paragraphs)Week 7proj comments – this looks good, however, be sure to include research describing what BWS is, and research regarding BWS and subsequent murder cases. The paper has to be 10-12 pages not including the Title, Abstract or Reference pages, so you will need more material than just facts about the case. This is where psych research intersects with the law :)Week 6 proj comments – this is a very good annotated bibliography. However, remember your research must be directly applicable to your subtopic on the Jodi Arias case and contribute to the court regarding her case. The last article you cited here has no relevance as it is related to homicides in the UK. Also, regarding your first article, as you know this was not a murder-suicide, it was straight murder.

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