Ethics Paper

Explain why utilitarianism has difficulty accommodating the concept of justice showing how and why the unjust treatment or scapegoating of some people(especially the weak and voiceless)for the sake of the general happiness is in principal possible with this ethical theory.Assume the classical conception of justice as meaning giving each individual his or her due.Critically examine the problem of justice in utilitarian approaches to distributive justice,euthanasia, and abortion. In doing so, select at least three readings that are representative of utilitarianism in social ethics.(one from chapter 8 and one from chapter 1 and one from chapter2.) Consider whether the principal of double effect offers a more satisfactory outcome in each case. Explain and justify your answers.Required:MlA Format, Times New Roman 12Work should be citedCan be used any book resources for paperPaper should be no more than 7 pages so 5 pages is fine for me

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