Cultural Differences Paper

Entertainment often provides consumers with examples of cultural differences. Films portray verbal and non-verbal communication through actors, and it may be the only exposure an audience has with that culture. This is important because it shows the value of the impact and importance of cultural communication.Select 1 film that demonstrates examples of cultural communication.Watch the film you selected, and take notes on the cultural identity and cultural bias throughout the film.Write a 525- to 700-word reflection about the cultural differences portrayed in the film.Address the following in your reflection:Evaluate both cultural identity and cultural bias within the film.Explain the concept of cultural patterns. What types of cultural patterns are exhibited in the film?Provide examples of both verbal and nonverbal intercultural communication within the film. How do these examples relate to a particular intercultural communication theory?Provide specific examples of how both Hall’s perspective of culture as a screen and Hofstede’s 5 dimensions are reflected in a particular cultural pattern.Evaluate your opinion on the accuracy of cultural differences presented in the film.Cite the film you selected.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Citations and references are required in all work. Include citations from the course materials to support key points. Ensure that the paper has an introduction and conclusion.Submit your assignment.

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